eTuk Ride Advertising

Be featured on your own eTuk!

E-Tuk Ride offers several advertising and sponsorship opportunities on our 100% electric Tuk Tuks. These opportunities include vehicle wraps, digital toppers, backlit displays, interactive marketing, interior messaging, and branded drivers. The eTuks are also able to do sampling, giveaways, and act as brand ambassadors.

These environmentally-friendly vehicles have zero emissions, which means they can be driven indoors. This creates tremendous brand exposure within all of the greater downtown Portland areas, including Waterfront Park, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Director Park, and so many more urban Portland areas! E-Tuks are cruising and moving people during all downtown Portland major events, festivals, concerts, sports games, and everything else in between.

To learn more about these affordable opportunities, please reach out to Lewis Davis, General Manager:


Phone: 720-543-0124

For more info please contact us!

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