The Tuk-Tuks of Denver

The Story Behind eTuk Ride Denver

Here at eTuk Ride, we like to have fun and it is our mission for you to do the same. Our eTuks are 100% electric and made right in Denver! This is great for the environment, for our community, for those sweet, sweet bragging rights, and most certainly, for you!

Your experience in our eTuks will take you to many of the incredible places that have shaped Denver into a worldwide destination. Be prepared to immerse yourself in Denver’s rich culture, 100% Colorado style!

Our motto is, “The most fun you can have on three wheels!” We take that very seriously, and you should too! We’ve never seen anyone frown in a tuk, at a tuk, near a tuk, or because of a tuk… and we like it that way. So come on, take an eTuk Ride tour of Denver today!

But what is an eTuk?

eTuks have three wheels, are fully electric (zero emissions!), seat up to six people, and are equipped with seat warmers and see-through windscreens for cooler nights. All of these features make them ideal for our eco-friendly Denver city tours and brewery tours!

The eTuk Founding

In December of 2012, three entrepreneurs found themselves at the base of San Pedro Volcano on Lake Atitlan. Nestled in southern Guatemala in a town called Panajachel, they were first introduced to the infamous tuk-tuk. If only they could bring tuk-tuk taxis to Denver. As they dug deeper, a strange and unique idea was born and little did they know they were about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Their adventure continued when they partnered with a firm in Europe to bring the first US DOT compliant tuk-tuk to the US. eTuk USA was created and it was time to climb the mountain ahead… called “the USA and her regulations.” The good news was the eTuk came packed full of benefits: eco-friendly, 100% electric, the highest level of safety and quality, and something truly unique… so they began to climb.

Today as the only commercial grade tuk-tuk in the US, the three entrepreneurs continue their quest for everyone in the United States to be able to experience, the eTuk, vehicles that run on fun!

The owners were still married to the idea of moving people in an eTuk so they formed their sister company, eTuk Ride, a local tour company popping up in cities near you. They put their money where their mouth is with The Most Fun You Can Have on Three Wheels!