Explore the heart and soul
of the coolest cities in the US!

You want us to let you in on a little secret? We are a pretty cool company. Our vehicles are pretty cool. Our tour guides are pretty cool. Everyone who helps make our company crazy fun and unique are all pretty cool. So when we decided to launch our company, we thought to ourselves “where are the coolest cities in the United States that we would like to go visit and experience?” Denver topped that list. I mean, who doesn’t want to go visit and experience Denver? Exactly. Portland was tops on that list too.

So here we are. As we look to expand and grow our tuk footprint across the country, we are always reminded of that one question we asked ourselves a few years ago, “where would WE like to go visit and experience?” After all, we think of ourselves as being pretty cool and fun.



With a craft brewery scene that is arguably the best in the country, a culinary renaissance that is bringing some of the greatest chefs in the world here,  and hip neighborhoods and cool companies popping up seemingly overnight, eTuk Ride Denver is on the cutting edge of this explosion and ready to showcase this incredible city for you with an ultimate, urban city experience.


As one of the fastest and “coolest” cities in the United States, it was serendipitous for eTuk Ride to tuk into the City of Roses. With an incredible history,  beautiful landscapes, Portland has a tremendously diverse community that is progressive and innovative. On top of all of this, Portland also boasts as one of the most eco-friendly cities in the entire world! We feel right at home here in Portlandia and are excited to share this awesome city with you!


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